A Photographer, Her Client and the Power of Influence

MobilityTalks® International at
The Washington Auto Show®.

Since its inception in 2017, I've had the honor of photographing MobilityTalks® International, a landmark conference that developed from MobilityTalks®, which began in 2015.  
Sponsored by The Washington Auto Show®, MobilityTalks® International is a conference on emerging trends connecting drivers with city infrastructures for safer and smarter transportation. It focuses on the future of mobility, which lies at the intersection of government and industry.  Forward-thinking government leadership from around the world and industry innovators come together to address best practices related to the development and regulation in the field of new mobility.  
While handshakes, smiles, audience participation and award presentations were being documented via my Nikon and lenses, I paid close attention to the presentations, the discussions, the statistics and projected trends in mobility.  After all, with this much brainpower in the room, I wanted a bigger takeaway than a catalog of pretty pictures, LOL! 
Well, my takeaway landed me a seat on the City of Griffin's Steering Committee for the 20-Year Comprehensive Plan, where I was able to sway the powers that be to include a connected transportation system as one of the goals, and establish policy to increase infrastructure that supports electric cars and other future transportation needs. All of this because of MobilityTalks® International at The Washington Auto Show®.
The page numbers in the document and the actual number of pages differ, but the pages numbered 6 and 12 reflect the aforementioned. 
Decisions made - based on my influence - will affect my community for the next twenty years.  Twenty years ... that's pretty powerful, indeed.


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