Easter, Neighbors And The Hunt For Hidden Treasures

 I love my Forest Hills neighborhood in Griffin, Georgia.   I moved here a year ago from Vinings, a suburb northwest of Atlanta.  From cocktail parties to housewarming gifts, my Forest Hills neighbors welcomed me with open arms.  You see, family bonds and neighborly love run strong in small towns in the South, especially during holidays. 

Last Easter, I was invited to the First Annual Reversed Easter Egg Hunt at Drew and Christy Todd's gorgeous 1940s Clement “Clem” J. Ford designed home. Yes, Griffin, Georgia boasts an array of beautifully designed architectural gems by renowned architects Clem Ford, Neel Reid, Harralson Bleckley and Gilman Drake to name a few, but that is a story for later. 

What is a Reversed Easter Egg Hunt you ask?  The children hide the eggs and the adults hunt for them.  Some of us decided to make it even more interesting and poured a libation or two.  Needless to say, fun was had by all. 

This year I missed the actual hunt, but did stop by the Todds' home for a glass of Easter cheer, because traditions - whether new or old - are important. Cheers! 

Highlights from 2017 below:

Photographs by Bonnie Morét Photography - www.bonniemoret.com.


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