Blessed Acres Farm

Blessed Acres farm-fresh eggs
are plentiful this time of year.

Blessed Acres is a lovely small farm in Milner, Georgia. The owner's grandparents and great grandparents farmed this property for almost 100 years.

The principals of Blessed Acres farming are simple:

1. Take a biblical approach to agriculture, use only natural fertilizers and botanical pesticides. 

2. Naturally-grown with no GMOs; we strive to bring your family and ours the cleanest produce possible. 

3. Multifaceted approach to farming means many wonderful products available – vegetables, fruit, eggs and fiber.

4. Completely family owned and managed. Know your farmer and you will know your food!

I am thrilled this place is close to home because farm-fresh eggs are THE BEST!

Blessed Acre Farms is located at 145 Sanders Rd. Milner, GA 30257. Visit their website at


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