Vintage Racing At Its Finest ... Gotta Love The Mitty

Legendary Datsun/Nissan race driver John Morton
served as the Grand Marshall

The Mitty is recognized as one of North America’s most prestigious vintage racing events. Sanctioned by Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR), The Mitty attracts a diverse lineup of legendary machines from all eras and brings them back on track just as they raced in their glory years. It’s like a living, breathing museum of racing history unleashed on the famous Road Atlanta circuit. 

This year's featured marque was Nissan, and legendary Datsun/Nissan race driver John Morton served as the Grand Marshal. 

Below are a few of my favorite photographs from this year's event:
The fans love the line-up.

A Corvair without an oil leak ... YAY!

Working and talking ...

Classic 240Z.

He's so cool, y'all!

Love the logo design.

This Kennesaw State University car was designed
by a girl, y'all!  Way to go, Sarah Carter!

Alex McDowell won the Nissan Feature Race
 in a 1971 Nissan Skyline GT-R C10.

In an attempt to "Be-1" with the car,
I captured my hat in the image.

Datsun ... Nissan's father.

That shirt, though!

Doc Bundy won Sunday's Group B WeatherTech Spring
in this lovely 1964 Lotus.

Can't have a race without Monster.

This made me giggle.

What a beauty!

Signature racing.


Time to say goodbye ...

... because all good thing must come to an end!
Thank you Nissan for the VIP treatment!
Photographs by


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