The Moments In-Between

Southern Belle Supernova standing next to the life-size statue
of legendary musician Otis Redding at beautiful Gateway Park,
trailhead of the Ocmulgee River Heritage Trail.

We always remember the holidays, our graduation day, our wedding day and the birth of a child -- all significant events in life -- but what about the moments in-between? 
The moments in the midst of our seemingly ordinary happenings that we give little, if any attention … sipping morning coffee, brushing our teeth or the drive to our place of employment.  These moments may not appear to hold any significant value, as they are tasks we do out of habit or necessity

Unfortunately, when overlooking the mundane, we often miss divine inspiration.  If we stop for a moment and think about it, some of the most treasured inspirations and signs from above happen during the moments in-between ... reading a book, eating a meal with a friend, sipping a glass of wine, receiving an email, a text message, or just sitting quietly. 

Frequently, our search for the significant causes us to overlook the little things in life that can, on more occasions than not, give us the answers in which we are seeking.

Pay closer attention to the little things in life because your much needed signs and answers may just be experienced during the moments in-between.


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