If Forever Came Tomorrow What Would You Do Today?

Would you give attention to the most minor of details and prepare to move slowly and deliberately forward? Would your actions be simple, yet as forceful as that of continuously dripping water wearing away stone? 

Would you befriend someone who has never known one and never would?

Would you look for the quiet corners in your heart instead of looking for the quiet corners of the world? Would you tell your mother she did a good job and tell daddy, too?  Would you remember that life is not art, but living is?

Would you reconnect with a friend you let go?

Would you ride the currents of a laugh and embrace an intelligent thought?  Would you say to those who should have been told it, “You were right and I was wrong?"

Would you let others know what it is like to be the most important person in someone else’s life?  

Would you respond to the texts that went ignored?

Would you realize that being in love is not finding a perfect person, but finding an imperfect person perfect? 

Because people change and forget to tell each other, if tomorrow was forever what are your actions saying about you today?

Be present, and live intentionally!


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