Be Mine

Bonnie Morét Photography

On February 14th love is in the air.  Maybe you’ll wear red and bring heart-shaped cookies to the office.  Perhaps you’ll celebrate with a box of chocolates or a bottle of champagne.  If you’re creative, you may choose to make your gifts.  But who said you have to wait until Valentine’s Day to celebrate matters of the heart?  After all, isn’t it ALWAYS nice to hear that you’re loved, or to show love, no matter what day it is?

Declaring your love on Valentine’s Day is a lovely way to remind others that you hold them in your heart, but doing so on any other day is just as sweet!  When you fill someone’s heart—regardless of the day—you fill your own, too.  The love in your heart is regenerative, as soon as you give some, you receive it back … and, sometimes more.

I appreciate the time you spend reading my blog throughout the year, and thank you for the love!


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