As I celebrate another revolution around the sun, I share with you my reflections, lessons and insights …


  • It is paramount to express gratitude and appreciation.
  • Say, “I love you” as often as possible.
  • The person who possesses the largest bookshelf - not the latest gadget, designer fashions, an overflowing wallet or biggest gun - holds true power.  Knowledge IS power, and so is understanding!
  • Always transcend political correctness and strive for human righteousness.
  • Acceptance is not submission; it is acknowledgement of the facts of the situation.
  • It is your beliefs and perceptions that will drive your focus; it is what you focus on that you will experience. To prove this, spend a day with an optimist and a day with a pessimist. Once you do, you will never again question that person’s reality. How he or she sees and reacts to the world is in that person’s mind and has little to do with the outer world.
  • Treasure every moment that you have! And, treasure it more because you shared it with someone special … special enough to spend your time, because time waits for no one.
  • Never undermine your worth by comparing yourself with others. It is because we are different that each of us is special.
  • Don’t take for granted those closest to your heart.  Cherish them as you would your life, for without them life is meaningless.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit that you are less than perfect ... this is the fragile thread that binds us to each other.
  • Don’t be afraid to encounter risks.  It is by taking chances that we learn how to be brave, and being brave is paramount.
  • While independence is important, traveling through life is easier with the assistance of friends.
  • God puts people in our lives for a reason.  Hold dear those who stay when you are at your worse.


In ending, live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly and … leave the rest to God.


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