The Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge


The Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge
Imlac, Ga.

Featured in the film "Lawless,” the Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge, spans Red Oak Creek in the small community of Imlac, four miles north of Woodbury, Georgia.


This 1840s bridge covered bridge, is the last remaining covered bridge designed and built by freed slave and noted bridge builder, Horace King.  At 391 feet, including the approaches, this structure is the oldest and longest wood covered bridge still in use in Georgia and may very well be one of the sturdiest, as it's still open to traffic. 

The Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge's covered portion is 116 feet.
The Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge's long sills were sawn from heart pine
 and are 15 x 15 inches.  It is held together by approximately 2500 pegs.

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